Meet the Team – Maria Sokalska and Magdalena Neizabitowska

Meet Maria Sokalska and Magdalena Neizabitowska – a niece and aunt duo working in Alpha Manufacturing.

Manufacturing is often perceived as a male-dominated environment, but at Alpha Manufacturing, we’re proud to employ many women across the business who are tremendously passionate about the work they carry out daily.

Maria and Magdalena work in assembly, constructing server cabinets for one of our largest customers.

Originally from Poland, Magdalena joined the Alpha Manufacturing team two years ago. She comments, “I love my role in assembly, I like the people, and the work hours fit my family life. When a space in the team opened up, I quickly recommended the role to my niece, Maria.
With two sons, Magdalena spends her free time as a mum and supporting her boys.

Maria joined the assembly team six months ago and is enjoying the opportunity. She says, “Although I’ve only been here six months, I’ve been offered an opportunity to train in the quality area, ensuring that all cabinets pass quality inspections before they leave the factory.

“Everyone at Alpha Manufacturing is friendly, helpful, open, and honest. I really like that. I enjoy learning new things and am keen to see how far I can go within the company.”

Maria enjoys hiking, especially in the Lake District and walking her dog, a Pomeranian called Elmo. She’s also a big lover of the gym, something she says helps her in her role as it can be quite manual.

Maria adds, “Assembling the cabinets is a very satisfying job. From seeing the parts flat, to fully constructed is a real sense of achievement.”

Product assembly is not just a task but a crucial part of our business. The dedication and passion of our employees, like Maria and Magdalena, are what ensure it’s done correctly.

Without their commitment to doing a great job, we wouldn’t achieve the outstanding results we do, and the fantastic customer feedback we receive.

Bringing Manufacturing Home: Onshoring with Alpha Manufacturing

In recent years, we’ve witnessed a shift in the manufacturing landscape — a resurgence in onshoring that brings production closer to home.

As supply chains overseas present more barriers and delays with shipping, costs, and regulatory charges, UK-based companies are starting to look closer to home for high-quality manufacturing solutions.

As a proud UK sheet metal fabricator, Alpha Manufacturing stands at the forefront of this movement, offering unparalleled expertise, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to sustainability.

In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of onshoring in the UK and why Alpha Manufacturing is the partner of choice.


Why Onshore in the UK?

Resilience in Supply Chains: Recent global events have highlighted the vulnerabilities of extended supply chains. Onshoring manufacturing to the UK significantly reduces these risks, offering more control and flexibility, which is essential in navigating the uncertainties of today’s market.

Quality Assurance: British manufacturing is synonymous with quality. By onshoring, businesses can benefit from the high standards of UK manufacturing regulations, ensuring that their products meet the best quality and safety benchmarks.

Sustainability: Onshoring reduces the carbon footprint associated with long-distance transportation of goods. It aligns with the growing demand for sustainable practices and helps companies contribute to environmental conservation efforts.

Economic Benefits: Investing in local manufacturing supports the UK economy, creates jobs, and fosters innovation. It’s not just about keeping the wheels of industry turning; it’s about fuelling the engine of growth and prosperity across the nation.

Faster Turnaround Times: Proximity matters. Onshoring to the UK means shorter lead times, allowing businesses to respond more quickly to market demands and customer needs.


Why Choose Alpha Manufacturing?

State-of-the-Art Technology: At Alpha Manufacturing, we pride ourselves on our investment in the latest manufacturing technologies. Our facilities are equipped with advanced machinery for precision engineering, ensuring high-quality production for every order.

Expertise and Experience: With years of experience in sheet metal fabrication, our team of skilled engineers bring a wealth of knowledge to every project. Our expertise ensures we can tackle complex challenges and deliver bespoke solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

Commitment to Sustainability: We understand the importance of sustainable manufacturing practices. Alpha Manufacturing is dedicated to reducing environmental impact through efficient production processes, waste reduction, and energy conservation.

Flexibility and Customisation: Our approach is centred around meeting our client’s unique requirements. Whether it’s small-to-medium runs or large-scale production, we offer flexibility and customisation options to suit any project. Our expert team is always here to help you find the perfect solution.

Collaborative Partnerships: We believe in building strong, collaborative relationships with our clients. By choosing Alpha Manufacturing, you’re not just getting a supplier; you’re gaining a partner committed to your success.

Our combination of technological prowess, world-class expertise, and a commitment to quality and sustainability makes us the perfect partner for any company looking to harness the benefits of UK manufacturing.


In embracing onshoring, you’re not just making a business decision; you’re investing in the future—of British companies, British communities, and British people. Alpha Manufacturing is already leading the charge, helping to shape a resilient, sustainable, and prosperous manufacturing landscape in the UK. Let’s build that future together.

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Developing Within – Our People are our Greatest Asset

Great people are a company’s greatest asset. At Alpha Manufacturing, we’re proud to have a passionate, committed, and knowledgeable team that cares about the individuals they manage and support daily. 


In March 2023, we took the senior team on a leadership development journey, empowering them with new techniques to get the best results from their functions.


Alpha Manufacturing partnered with local talent, culture and leadership guru Sally Brys from Limitless Development to work with the team to explore new ways of thinking, approaching people and behaviour, and improving department performance.


Sally spent time in the business before planning the training to understand challenges and concerns before producing an engaging, reflective and thought-provoking three-module course for the Alpha Manufacturing team.


Planning Manager, Joanna Sitek, is just one of the Alpha Manufacturing employees who completed the training. She comments, “I have to be honest – I was hesitating at first. Having had a previous disappointing experience with this kind of training course, I thought it might not be for me, but I am one of those people who do not judge before trying it first, so I gave it a go.


“The safe and supportive atmosphere Sally has created encouraged us to take the shield off and be honest about both work-related and personal challenges we experience. One of my personal struggles was always the language barrier, with public speeches being extremely stressful. Therefore, I was avoiding it where I could.


“With the help and support of my group, I understood the barrier I have created in my head for 18 years should no longer be there. Looking back now, it is probably the best decision I have made in a while”.


Nick Moss, Operations Manager, adds, “Being part of the first Leadership Development programme was great, although I was quite sceptical at first. Reflecting on my leadership style and the kind of leader I want to be has helped me identify where I want to be and the part I play in the future of the business. I’m excited to try new coaching techniques to help my team reach their full potential and create a strong team. At Alpha Manufacturing, we have some incredible people, and I’m proud to be able to support them in their growth and development”.


Due to the programme’s success, Sally has tweaked the course content alongside the business to deliver similar training at the team leader level. This allows valued employees to enhance their skills and provide frameworks and models that can be used in the workplace to get better results and improve productivity.


Sally Brys, Limitless Development, comments, “The Alpha Manufacturing leadership programme is a deliberate investment in the organisation’s heart – its people. The programme has been meticulously designed to reflect the needs of the business, to nurture and develop the skills of those who attend and to drive a culture of continuous growth and excellence. It empowers individuals to unlock their full potential, aiming to create a ripple effect that positively impacts those they work with”.


At Alpha Manufacturing, our people are our greatest asset. Without them, we wouldn’t be the business we are today. But we can be better, and with investment in training and supporting employee development and growth, we can achieve even greater things, and we’re incredibly excited about it.

Sheet Metal Engineering Excellence at Alpha Manufacturing

Alpha Manufacturing is your go-to destination for high-quality sheet metal engineering services in the UK.

With a rich history dating back to 1989, we take pride in offering a comprehensive fabrication service that spans from initial concept and design to delivering the final product. Our commitment at every stage of the fabrication process is to produce high-quality parts efficiently, economically, and with a focus on sustainability.

The Role Alpha Manufacturing Plays in Sheet Metal Engineering

For over three decades, Alpha Manufacturing has been a leading provider of sheet metal fabrication services across diverse industry sectors in the UK. Our expertise has been instrumental in supporting manufacturing processes in EV charging, nuclear, construction, alternative energy, heat, automotive, and truck industries, among others.

Our clientele includes companies of all sizes, each contributing significantly to the UK’s economy. What sets us apart as a premier sheet metal fabrication company is our unwavering commitment to the continual growth of our workforce, our visionary approach, industry knowledge, and commitment to innovation.

Exemplary Team of Experienced Engineers

At the heart of our success is our dedicated team of professionals. Our workforce comprises some of the UK’s most skilled, dedicated, knowledgeable, and experienced individuals in all facets of metal fabrication. From innovative design concepts to prototyping, welding, fabrication, and CNC operation, Alpha Manufacturing engineers collaborate to create top-quality products in metal fabrication and precision engineering.

Investing in the Future Generation

We don’t just focus on being the best; we are committed to sharing our knowledge with the next generation of sheet metal fabricators. Alpha Manufacturing takes pride in offering apprenticeships to nurture and develop young minds with a passion for engineering into experienced professionals within the sheet metal industry. Our commitment extends further with The HEX Group’s dedicated training facility, where apprentices can enhance their skills. The accredited apprenticeship program, evolving year on year, reached a milestone in 2023 with our largest cohort to date, showcasing our teams’ passion and dedication.

Cutting-Edge Engineering Technologies

Alpha Manufacturing stands out by utilizing the latest technology and state-of-the-art machinery in all our services. From automation in machining processes using advanced CNC software to designing with up-to-date CAD software and employing revolutionary equipment like the TruBend Cell, Automated Robotic Folder, the Salvagnini P4 Lean Panel Bender, and our latest addition, the Trumpf TruBend 5170S, we remain at the forefront of metal fabrication.

Looking for Expert Metal Fabrication Services?

If you’re in search of expert metal fabrication services, look no further. Contact us, and we’ll be delighted to discuss your requirements.

Trust Alpha Manufacturing for excellence in sheet metal engineering.

Manufacturing Challenges 2024: Navigating the storm with increasing optimism

Two months into 2024, the manufacturing industry is again facing difficult market conditions, supply chain disruptions and rising costs.

Taking matters into our own hands, we have started the year positively, and despite the challenges, are looking optimistically at the year ahead.

In this article, Sales Director Michael Whitfield outlines the biggest issues facing our industry, and how we’re overcoming them, supporting our customers through unprecedented market volatility.

Supply Chain Disruption

Supply chain disruptions are nothing new. With Brexit, the pandemic and geopolitical tensions all testing the global market in recent years, manufacturing businesses have had to become accustomed to new ways of working. Now, with issues in the Red Sea adding more pressure to import and export markets manufacturers are again facing challenges.

Since the beginning of the year, military activity has been escalating in the Red Sea effecting all trade through the region. Ships carrying anything from clothes and toys, to fabricated parts have been the target of attacks by Houthi rebels, forcing major operators to divert cargo away from the Suez Canal. Adding up to 20 days to journey times, these delays have affected businesses across the UK, driving costs up and leaving some without manufactured parts or products.

Flying the flag for Great British manufacturing, we continue to invest in supply chain integration. With our entire operation based in the UK and very few outsourced processes, we are able to maintain complete control over our manufacturing, reducing shipping reliance and supply chain risk for our customers, while maintaining a high-quality product.

As more and more British businesses look to home to secure their future, we are here to support them. The business climate today, with rising costs and growing uncertainty is difficult enough. If we can support just some of that, reducing reliance on phantom overseas suppliers with invisible customer service, then we’ll be doing our job right. Working with new and existing customers, we offer state-of-the-art services, manufacture innovative products, and meet our customers’ complex requirements.

Skills Gap

Today’s labour market is a challenge for all businesses. The result of Brexit and the pandemic has left a skills shortage across much of the UK manufacturing sector. Recruitment and retention are central to our strategy, and is a key driver for future growth and success. That said, we continue to invest in our people to make Alpha Manufacturing an attractive place to work. Following our recent investment in a cutting-edge Trumpf TruBend 5170S fold machine, we are upskilling several operatives to use our latest machinery. This ensures we maintain our expertise, allowing us to deliver the highest quality products to our customers.

2023/24 also saw our largest intake of apprentices ever, with 18 new apprentices joining across The HEX Group. Since launching our fully accredited apprenticeships in 2010, this has formed a crucial part of our growth strategy and has allowed us to promote careers within our sector. Offering exciting and dynamic programmes, we nurture our young people, offering hands-on learning to produce qualified, ambitious, highly productive colleagues who keep our business moving forward.


Every industry is touched by sustainability and manufacturing is no different. With the drive towards net zero and more environmentally conscious business practices coming to the forefront of all our minds, we have made significant steps to make our processes more sustainable. In 2022, we installed 1770 solar panels covering more than 3500m2 of roof space at our facility in Staffordshire, saving more than 150 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year. We also continue to invest in our future, ensuring we have the latest energy-efficient machinery to reduce our environmental impact. Our latest investment reflects this commitment, offering significant improvements in energy consumption and promoting eco-friendly manufacturing practices.

We are incredibly proud to be a British manufacturer and work tirelessly to maintain our high standards, even in challenging times. We are resilient by nature and continue to work closely with our suppliers to ensure we deliver for our customers.

Robot Welding Vs Manual Welding

Having the capability to offer customers a complete range of solutions for welding and fabrication jobs is just one of Alpha Manufacturing’s unique advantages. 

In this article, we explore the benefits of manual and robot welding and explains how Alpha customers benefit from this market-leading service.

There are so many processes involved in the fabrication of just one product, but the beauty of an Alpha Manufacturing made component is that every area of our production uses the best available technology for that particular process.  There’s no question, certain methods have their unique advantages and welding is no different – not only from a process and application capability but from a value engineering process too.

The manual welding process has great flexibility and can be involved in a wide range of applications. One of the first differences between manual and robot welding is that manual welders are able to work with a variety of different thicknesses and a mix of products using their own skill and knowledge base, rather than requiring a programmer to set up before each use.

This method also means that high complexity can be achieved as manual welders can navigate hard to reach weld sites.  One of the unique benefits of manual welding is that it’s the perfect solution for low quantity runs and prototyping, enabling the welder to use their skills and expertise.

But that’s only half of the welding story.  At Alpha Manufacturing, arguably we have the most exhaustive robotic welding capability in the UK including the Yaskawa Robotic Welding Machine.  Featuring ‘cold metal transfer technology’, our customers have come to rely on world-class weld standards.  While manual welding has many advantages, robotic welding delivers consistently high quality output with a high repeatability rate, as the robot follows the exact same programme.

There’s no question, for Alpha customers having the in-house capability to deliver a broad spectrum of weld techniques is just one of the Alpha Manufacturing differences.  Whether a component is welded in one of our weld bays by one of our expert weld team or a component is passed through our automated welding machinery, every component manufactured in our Staffordshire production facility achieves the same world-class standard.  That’s our commitment to every Alpha Manufacturing customer. It’s what we’re famous for.

A Comparative Look at Manual and Robotic Welding Processes

At Alpha Manufacturing, our commitment to excellence in sheet metal fabrication has been a hallmark of our identity. In this article, we explore the pivotal topic of welding, specifically examining the distinctions between manual welding and our state-of-the-art robotic welding processes. With our cutting-edge machinery and a team of skilled experts, we stand as a leading sheet metal fabricator in the UK, delivering consistently high-quality products to our valued customers.

Manual Welding Excellence

Alpha Manufacturing takes pride in offering a diverse range of welding techniques through our expert manual welding team. Our weld bays, equipped with the latest technology, allow our skilled professionals to bring their expertise to every component. The advantages of manual welding are numerous, including the ability to adapt quickly to various specifications, intricate designs, and unique challenges. The hands-on approach ensures a personalised touch, allowing our team to tailor solutions to meet specific customer needs.

Robotics Precision with ‘Cold Metal Transfer Technology’

Alpha Manufacturing’s commitment to innovation is evident in our automated welding machinery, featuring cutting-edge ‘cold metal transfer technology.’ This technology enhances the precision and efficiency of our robotic welding processes. Unlike manual welding, where the outcome relies on individual skill and technique, robotic welding ensures a consistently high-quality output with an impressive repeatability rate. The robot meticulously follows the exact program, delivering unparalleled precision and uniformity in every weld.

Consistent World-Class Standards

Whether a component is crafted by the skilled hands of our manual weld team or undergoes the meticulous precision of our robotic welding machinery, Alpha Manufacturing guarantees the same world-class standard for every product. Our Staffordshire production facility serves as the epicentre of quality, where every weld is a testament to our dedication to excellence. This commitment is the essence of what sets us apart, and it’s what we are renowned for in the industry.

In the dynamic world of sheet metal fabrication, Alpha Manufacturing continues to redefine standards through a blend of manual expertise and cutting-edge robotic technology. As we progress into 2024, our unwavering commitment to consistently delivering high-quality products remains the cornerstone of our reputation.

Whether it’s the artistry of manual welding or the precision of robotic processes, our customers can rely on Alpha Manufacturing to exceed expectations.

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Alpha Manufacturing, a Staffordshire-Based Family Business, Enhances Capabilities with £450,000 Investment in New Equipment

Alpha Manufacturing, a proud member of The HEX Group, is excited to announce a £450,000 investment in the acquisition of the cutting-edge Trumpf TruBend 5170S. This state-of-the-art machinery will not only elevate the company’s manufacturing capabilities but also contribute to its commitment to quality, innovation, and environmental sustainability.

The introduction of the Trumpf TruBend 5170S signifies a significant leap forward for Alpha Manufacturing in terms of quality, accuracy, and efficiency.

The key features of the new machinery include:

Automatic Controlled Bending: The Trumpf TruBend 5170S enables automatic controlled bending, ensuring greater precision and quality in the manufacturing process.

3D Programme Folding: Alpha Manufacturing can now leverage 3D programmes for folding, enhancing visual management and further streamlining the production process.

Part Indicator Technology: The machinery is equipped with part indicator technology, preventing incorrect folding and significantly reducing errors, waste, and production time.

Environmental Impact: Alpha Manufacturing’s investment aligns with its commitment to environmental sustainability. The Trumpf TruBend 5170S contributes to the company’s 2037 carbon neutrality goal by reducing energy consumption and promoting eco-friendly manufacturing practices.

Paul Clews, Managing Director at Alpha Manufacturing, expressed enthusiasm about the investment, stating, “The Trumpf TruBend 5170S represents a significant step forward for Alpha Manufacturing, allowing us to deliver even higher quality products while aligning with our environmental goals. This investment reinforces our commitment to providing the best for our customers, our team, and the planet.”

Gerry Jones, Sales Director at TRUMPF, added: “Alpha manufacturing are a key customer in the UK and a forerunner in terms of technical capability, the TruBend 5170 S strengthens their position.”

We look forward to working with Alpha Manufacturing and supporting their exciting progress.”

Benefits for Alpha Manufacturing and Its Stakeholders:

The Trumpf TruBend 5170S brings a host of benefits to Alpha Manufacturing, its dedicated team, and the environment:

Lift Support: The bend support arm of the machinery can handle parts weighing up to 100KG, enhancing efficiency and capacity.

Reduced Manual Handling: Automation and innovative technology minimize the need for manual handling, promoting a safer and more ergonomic work environment.

Energy Efficiency: The new machinery is designed with reduced energy consumption in mind, contributing to Alpha Manufacturing’s sustainability initiatives.

Offline Programming: The Trumpf TruBend 5170S allows for offline programming, providing opportunities to increase machine uptime and overall output.

Meet Leo: Rising Star in Production Engineering

With great pleasure, we introduce Leo Manifold, a dynamic and ambitious member of our team at Alpha Manufacturing.

Leo joined us in September 2023 as a Higher Degree Apprentice, pursuing a four-year course in Production Engineering. His unique journey to Alpha Manufacturing and outstanding contributions have already set him apart as a rising star within the company.

Production Engineer - Leo

Leo embarked on his journey with Alpha Manufacturing after completing his 6th-form studies in engineering and business at JCB Academy. Leo’s dedication and skills stood out during his time at JCB Academy, leading him to a 2-week work experience stint with us. This experience showcased Leo’s capabilities and paved the way for an exciting opportunity to join us as a Higher Degree Apprentice. Leo comments on his work experience…

“Work experience at Alpha Manufacturing was great. From day one, I was made to feel part of the team, and the diversity of skills I learnt in just two weeks was incredible.”

Leo’s commitment to his education is commendable. Currently enrolled in a 4-year Higher Degree Apprenticeship programme in Production Engineering, Leo attends college once a week while contributing his freshly acquired knowledge and skills to our projects.

One of Leo’s initial projects involved designing and manufacturing a new product for our HEX Living division. Leo successfully completed this project within an astonishing three months and demonstrated remarkable efficiency and dedication. The prototype is now in our team’s capable hands, and we eagerly anticipate its imminent launch in the coming weeks. Leo discusses this project…

“Being part of the design and manufacturing journey for the new HEX Living product was exciting. It was a privilege for Alpha Manufacturing to put their trust and confidence in me. It was great to see the process from conception to completion”.

Leo’s passion for manufacturing and engineering is evident in every task he undertakes. His enthusiasm is not only limited to his academic pursuits but extends into his work at Alpha Manufacturing. Leo’s drive is not just a professional attribute but a personal one, making him an asset to our team.

Beyond the world of manufacturing, Leo maintains a balanced and active lifestyle. He takes a keen interest in staying fit and healthy, with a particular focus on running and kickboxing.

As Leo embarks on his career journey, we wish him the best of luck! Your hard work and enthusiasm are truly inspiring, and we cannot wait to see where your career at Alpha Manufacturing takes you!

Precision Craftsmanship in Manufacturing and Fabrication at Alpha Manufacturing

At Alpha Manufacturing, we understand the nuances between manufacturing and fabrication, two distinct yet interconnected processes in the industrial realm. Let’s delve into the differences and highlight our expertise in delivering precision-crafted products.

Fabrication Excellence at Alpha Manufacturing

Fabrication, for us, is an art that involves constructing products by skillfully combining standardised parts through various individual processes. Consider steel fabrication, where we produce metal structures using cutting-edge techniques such as cutting, bending, and assembling. Leveraging computer-aided designs (CAD) and computer numerical control (CNC) technology, we ensure high-quality assemblies with precise dimensions.

Our design experts at Alpha Manufacturing specialise in creating fully assembled prototypes, providing our clients peace of mind. From pre-assembled balcony units for new build apartments to modular utility rooms and beyond, we excel in crafting diverse products. By embracing advanced technologies, we streamline the steel erection process on-site, ensuring cost-effective solutions through optimal material utilisation and faster assembly times.

Manufacturing Excellence at Alpha Manufacturing

Manufacturing is the seamless transformation of raw materials into finished products. It’s a holistic process that encompasses large-scale production, utilizing machinery, tools, and chemical/biological processing. Alpha Manufacturing excels in this sector, offering a start-to-finish process for virtually any sheet metal requirement.

Our expertise spans various industries, including apparel, chemicals, electronics, and more. From design to CNC machining, assembly to delivery, Alpha Manufacturing provides a comprehensive service. We take pride in our ability to oversee the entire production journey, ensuring the highest quality standards.

Bridging the Gap: How We Differ

The key differentiator between manufacturing and fabrication lies in the extent of the process involved. Fabrication focuses on assembling standardised or specialised parts, forming components for the final product. On the other hand, manufacturing is a comprehensive start-to-finish endeavor, encompassing the creation of parts and final assembly.

At Alpha Manufacturing, we seamlessly integrate fabrication into our manufacturing processes, ensuring precision craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our commitment to quality and efficiency sets us apart, making us your trusted partner for intricate projects.

Discover the Alpha Manufacturing advantage—where precision meets perfection in manufacturing and fabrication. Explore a world where every detail matters, and every product is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence.

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Meet the Team – Jake Lowe

A strong logistics team is crucial to any business – ensuring that the impressive products and parts we produce get to our customers and that our stock arrives safely and securely.

Our logistics team is filled with passionate, dedicated employees, and we are excited to welcome the latest member of the team – our new Logistics Manager, Jake Lowe.

Jake Lowe - Logistics Manager

Jake joined us in June 2023 to take on the role of overseeing Alpha Manufacturing’s logistics department. With over 12 years of experience, Jake is the perfect person for the job.

Speaking about the importance of the role, Jake Lowe said:

“As a logistics manager, it’s down to me to ensure that everything coming in and going out of Alpha Manufacturing runs smoothly. With such a big operation here, being on top of the organisation of our logistics is key to maintaining such a high standard of reliability.”

Before joining Alpha Manufacturing, Jake’s logistic career began on the shop floor as a forklift driver. His strong work ethic, understanding of the bigger picture and management skills led Jake to progress from his role as a forklift driver to the general manager over 10 years, responsible for around 130 employees over five departments.

During his career, some of Jake’s proudest moments were being involved in an incredible project to deliver one of the first aid deliveries to Ukraine – providing much-needed support to those in need. Jake has also been involved in several impressive projects, including managing logistics for shipping aerospace equipment internationally.

Jake is an advocate for the opportunities within logistics; he explains:

“Logistics has something for everyone. There are so many different routes that you can go down, from management, delivery, preparation and much more. It’s a massively diverse area, with plenty of room for progression and growth.”

Though reaching the general manager level in his previous role, Jake decided to take on a new challenge at Alpha Manufacturing, allowing him a better work-life balance.

Here at Alpha Manufacturing and across The HEX Group, our family values are important, and we understand that spending quality time with your family is a top priority. We’re delighted that since joining, Jake’s already feeling a happier balance between work and his personal life.

In his downtime, Jake likes to get out into nature. He’s a keen angler who regularly goes fishing and keeps active by playing cricket. Jake also has a camper van he loves travelling in with his family.

Welcome to the Alpha Manufacturing team, Jake – we’re excited to see what the future holds for you within The HEX Group.

Craig Gadsby celebrates 20 years’ service

In July 2003, Craig Gadsby joined Alpha Manufacturing as a Punch Operator whilst studying Mechanical Engineering at college one day a week.

Craig’s career began when the business was based on the Hixon Airfield estate, but due to expansion in 2006, Craig played a crucial role in the business re-location when they moved to their current location on Pasturefields Lane. Alpha Manufacturing is a division of The HEX Group, employing over 500 people.

Congratulations to our longest-serving Punch Operator, Craig Gadsby, for 20 years’ service at Alpha Manufacturing

Twenty years later, Craig is the longest-serving Punch Operator with a mound of punch and lasering knowledge on some of the world’s best-known punch machines, including Amada, Pull Max and Trumpf. His knowledge of these machines is second to none, and Craig is instrumental in training colleagues.

In 2017, Alpha Manufacturing invested in its first STOPA large-scale storage system, which Craig remembers well, commenting, “The STOPA system was a significant investment to the company and made a massive impact on the punching process. We now have an automated system for part-picking material in and out of the machines instead of manual feeding. This took our manufacturing capabilities to another level and improved efficiencies massively. It was an exciting project to be involved in”.

Over the years, Craig Gadsby has been at the forefront of witnessing the business grow and grow with it. Craig comments, “With every new work contract obtained you automatically adapt – the development in machine technology, the progressive training and the additional responsibility. Sometimes, until you stop and step back, you do not realise how far the business has come”.

Craig works on a continental shift pattern, four on, four off, 6 am – 6 pm but has worked various shift patterns over the years.

Outside work, Craig enjoys 5-a-side football once or twice a week when he’s not on shift! Socialising with friends and family is also at the top of the list for Craig.

Congratulations on your 20 years of service, and we look forward to celebrating the next 20!

A family business – Alpha Manufacturing

At Alpha Manufacturing and The HEX Group, family values are integral to who we are.

As a family business, we’re so proud to have built an environment where multiple members from the same family often work within The HEX Group.

One family duo within Alpha Manufacturing is Sam and Charlie, a mother-and-daughter team who work side by side to help assemble our premium-quality, luxury garden furniture.

Sam and Charlie, mother and daughter who are employed by our family business

To see how they work together at The HEX Group, we asked them a few questions…

How long have you both worked for Alpha Manufacturing?

We joined Alpha Manufacturing in February 2022, so around 17 months now.

We both applied and came for our job interviews at the same time.

Are you in the same job as when you first started?

No, we were initially employed to work in a different assembly area.

When the group started the HEX Living brand, our role focused solely on supporting HEX Living as it grew.

What does your average day look like?

Typically, our day includes everything from picking, packing, building, assembling, and sorting the labels and paperwork out for delivery of HEX Living garden products. This role has a lot of variety, and all days are different. It’s very fast-paced, which suits both of us down to the ground.

How did you both apply/get the job?

We applied online and heard back quickly, and we both started on permanent contracts.

How do you find working with each other?

We love it. We are like best friends, so joining a family business really works well for us. We have loads of fun and really enjoy working together. We know how to work with each other, and we can pick up where the other left off, so it does work like clockwork for us.

Is there much opportunity for progression with Alpha Manufacturing and The HEX Group?

Absolutely, there is plenty of opportunities for career progression. Right now, though, we’re enjoying the role we have.

There are so many different exciting projects going on. When prototypes for new products get approved, we are usually the first ones to build and assemble them, which is loads of fun and quite satisfying getting things right the first time.

What did you do before joining Alpha Manufacturing?

Sam: I’ve worked in many different sectors, including other factory and assembly work, logistics, and office work, including sales and cleaning jobs.

Charlie: I am fully qualified as a nursery nurse. After college, I spent many years in this setting. I have done factory work too.  

Is quality important in your role?

Very important, as we are building and assembling, if we get anything wrong it can lead to delays for the customer – we’re very quality focused and give everything a pre-check before it goes to inspection.

We also have to pay attention to checking the paperwork is correct and labels are correctly put on the packaged parts, or it could cause a huge issue which is very time-consuming to fix. We take great pride in our work, which is reflected in the finished product. 

Any advice for others tempted to join Alpha Manufacturing and The HEX Group?

Working with family suits us; we get on well and enjoy our job, so if that sounds like you, we recommend it. The HEX Group is a great family business and it offers many job roles across its divisions to suit everyone, and it’s straightforward to apply.

Battery Storage Solutions – UK manufactured supplier

The demand for battery storage solution has experienced a remarkable surge in recent years, driven by the global shift towards sustainable energy solutions.

For battery storage manufacturers seeking reliable and efficient suppliers, we are geared up to help.

With our cutting-edge technology, extensive expertise, and commitment to quality, Alpha Manufacturing is well-placed to meet the demands of battery storage manufacturers.

Advanced Manufacturing Capabilities

Alpha Manufacturing boasts state-of-the-art facilities with cutting-edge technology and machinery in our 24/7 capable facility. This allows us to produce high-quality, precision-engineered components at scale. Battery storage manufacturers require components that meet strict specifications and tolerances for optimal performance and safety. Our advanced capabilities enable us to consistently deliver components that not only meet but exceed industry standards.

Expertise in Custom Solutions

Recognising that every battery storage solution has unique requirements, we offer expertise in developing custom solutions. Our highly skilled engineers and designers collaborate closely with battery storage manufacturers to create components that precisely align with their specifications. This approach ensures that the final products seamlessly integrate into the battery storage systems, enhancing overall efficiency and performance.

Quality Assurance and Compliance

Adhering to stringent quality standards and industry regulations is vital for battery storage solution. Alpha Manufacturing strongly emphasises quality assurance and implements rigorous testing procedures throughout the manufacturing process. Our established, robust quality management system guarantees consistent product excellence. We’re well-versed in the battery storage industry’s regulatory requirements, ensuring that all components are compliant and safe for use.

Commitment to Sustainability

In an era of heightened environmental awareness, sustainability is a critical consideration for battery storage manufacturers. Alpha Manufacturing, part of The HEX Group, shares this commitment and actively promotes sustainable practices with a target to hit carbon neutrality by 2037. We prioritise using eco-friendly materials and production processes that minimise waste and reduce environmental impact. By partnering with Alpha Manufacturing, battery storage manufacturers can align their supply chain with sustainable principles, thereby enhancing the overall sustainability of their products.

Reliability and Timely Delivery

In the fast-paced battery storage industry, timely delivery is paramount to meet market demands. We understand the importance of reliable and efficient supply chain management. Through streamlined processes, efficient logistics, and an excellent track record, they ensure that battery storage manufacturers receive their components on time without compromising quality.

TIG Welding – Meet the team – Scott Urquhart

Tig Welding - Scott - standing outside of workshop

How long have you worked in Tig Welding at Alpha Manufacturing?

I have worked at Alpha Manufacturing for around 15 months now. 

Have you always worked in Tig Welding?

Pretty much, yes! I have been Tig Welding for over 14 years. 

What did you want to be when you were younger?

I actually wanted to be an archaeologist; I have always been fascinated by it and the elements associated with Egyptian pyramids. 

What are your daily responsibilities?

Mainly reporting where the team is at in the fabrication shop to management, producing high-quality work and checking it’s all fit for purpose before it leaves the shop. We are responsible for our quality checks, so this is one of my main focuses. 

Also, when a new staff member or another pair of hands comes in to help, I train them and ensure they are confident with the task in what they’re doing. 

Any other career experiences?

When I left school, I was an engineer’s shop labourer. I did a bit of mechanical engineering, and eventually, I was working with a guy who had been in the welding fabrication trade all his life, where I did a 6-year apprenticeship. 

Is quality important in your job role?

Yes, it’s so important. Currently, we are focusing on HEX Living furniture, and I take great pride in ensuring every piece is perfect. I always take a step back from anything I have welded and think, ‘Would I be happy to receive this as a paying customer’; that should be at the front of everyone’s minds when they are building something. 

What is the most exciting project you’ve worked on?

I’ve been fortunate to have previously worked on Ministry Of Defence and aerospace projects. I have made machines for various cleaning products – including ultrasonic sterilising units for satellite lens cleaning. 

Is there any progress in your job?

Yes, there’s definitely the opportunity to progress, whether it be skill-wise or professionally. I am currently changing from lead Tig Welder to team leader, which I am thrilled with. I love the responsibility and can manage a team of people quite well. 

Is there anything you’re proud of working on?

In the past, I have worked on sensory booths for children with ADHD, autism and other problems, which I am pretty proud of. To think something I took part in creating has helped a young child be more familiar with their senses is a good feeling to have. 

Any advice for anyone wanting to be a Tig welder?

Remember your ABCs. Always be comfortable. And also hand agility ability, you need to move your hand and wrist in certain movements hundreds of times some days depending on work orders, so muscle memory is quite important and takes some getting used to. 

Laser Operator: Meet Josh Boothroyd

Laser Operator

How long did it take you to learn the skills of a laser operator?

It takes a couple of weeks to learn the basic process of using the laser machine, and over time you pick up more advanced and effective ways of being a laser operator.

Is there any progression in this area?

Yes, there’s lots of progression. You can start off as a machine operator and then learn maintenance on the machine. And then finally, learning to programme the machines with all different settings. My personal experience of progressing is working on the machines, then into the bend cell working on the Salvagnini panel bender, then to the laser and training new people or apprentices.

What fascinates you about the laser?

The range of parts that the machine can cut. Also, the range of materials it works really well with. Just the whole general function of the machine is really fascinating.

What’s the thickest material you have worked with on this machine?

I have worked with materials up to 20ml thickness; the thinnest material it can accurately work with is 0.5ml.

What did you want to do as a job when you left school/college?

My first job leaving school was in a factory; I have always wanted to work in something to do with engineering as there’s so much choice.

What other experience do you have?

I did my work experience in a machine shop on various things. But generally, I have a machining background, and I’m happy to stay in it and progress as much as possible.

What is one fact about your job?

The laser I work with, Bystronic Bysprint fibre 4020, produces up to 4000 watts, making cutting through the most challenging materials easy.

How long have you worked here, and how did you start?

I started off at Alpha Manufacturing as an apprentice nearly 7 years ago now. I had to work in each area to gain my on-the-job knowledge and experience, and I was happy to accept a job in the machine operative area as that’s my background.

What are your daily responsibilities?

To make sure the machine is running as it should be. Operate and maintain the machine to prolong its life span, it’s used 24 hours a day, so it needs regular checking and maintenance to ensure it’s working at 100% efficiency.