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Sheet Metal Punching

CNC Punching

Alpha Manufacturing’s CNC punching facilities allow us to offer unbeatable productivity, reliability and flexibility as well as ultimate efficiency through automated “lights out” production. 


24-hour operation of the unmanned CNC Punching machines gives greatly improved productivity with considerable quality improvements. Our customers profit from an unrivalled process consistency, offering industry leading punching standards.

We can offer unparalleled process speeds for punching part number stamps, rib forming, special forms, countersinks and much more.

Alpha Manufacturing's CNC Punching Facilities

Our punch offering comprise of a combination of Trumpf and Pullmax machines, the newest of which is the Pullmax TruPunch 5000. 

CNC Punching Machinery

TruPunch 5000

The TruPunch 5000 is the market leader with unbeatable productivity, process reliability, flexibility and consistent part quality. Individual automation solutions guarantee diverse applications and enable optimal productivity throughout, especially in multi-shift operation.

TruPunch 5000 Machine

CNC Punching Capabilities at Alpha Manufacturing:

Maximum Sheet Size:

$  ·  Up to 4000mm x 1500mm

Material thickness:

·  From 0.3mm up to 8mm

Material types:

·  Mild Steel

$  ·  Coated Steel

$  ·  Stainless Steel

$  ·  Aluminium

$  ·  Alloys

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