Laser / punch combination allows Alpha to produce Punched forms and Laser profiling in one seamless process which dramatically reduces production time. To achieve this, we use:

TruMatic 6000 Laser / Punch

This versatile, technically advanced machine can produce Punched forms and Laser Profiling a single, efficient process without additional tooling.

  • Sheet loading facilities and part picking / stacking allowing lights out production.
  • Scratch-free processing
  • Automated tool changing
  • Outstanding energy efficiency through an advanced laser concept and universal cooling interface

Punch Laser Capabilities at Alpha Manufacturing:

Material Size and Thickness

  • Up to 3000m x 1500mm
  • Mild Steel and Non-Ferrous Laser/ Punch: up to 6mm
  • Stainless Steel - up to 4mm

Material Types

  • Mild Steel
  • Coated Steels
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium

Benefits of using a laser punch machine

Many of our customers require parts to be processed with different hole sizes, hole shapes and part capabilities. The production of such parts is limited when two separate machines are required, or when one machine alone would need to be programmed twice for one part.

It was with our customers’ requirements in mind that we invested in the TruMatic 6000 laser punch combination machine, which allows us to produce the same, high-quality finished product more effectively. The efficiency of the machine coupled with the quality of the finished article allows Alpha Manufacturing to produce your parts to the same standard at a lower cost.

Learn more about Alpha’s CNC punching services here.

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