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Laser Punch Combination Service

Laser / Punch Combination

Our versatile Punch/ Laser service allows us to offer complete flexibility to manufacture punched details, i.e. louvres and ribs alongside complex lasered profiles and etches without costly, complex tooling.  

Laser/ punch combination allows Alpha to produce Punched forms and Laser profiling in one seamless process which dramatically reduces production time. To achieve this, we use:  


TruMatic 6000 Laser / Punch

This versatile, technically advanced machine can produce Punched forms and Laser Profiling a single, efficient process without additional tooling.

Key Features of the TruMatic 6000 Laser / Punch include:

  • Sheet loading facilities and part picking / stacking allowing lights out production.
  • Scratch-free processing
  • Automated tool changing
  • Outstanding energy efficiency through an advanced laser concept and universal cooling interface

Punch Laser Capabilities at Alpha Manufacturing:

Maximum Sheet Size:

Up to 3000m x 1500mm

Material Thickness:

Mild Steel and Non-Ferrous Laser/ Punch: up to 6mm

Stainless Steel - up to 4mm

Material Types:

Mild Steel, Coated Steels, Stainless Steel, Aluminium

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