Quick Turnaround Metal Prototyping

Our in-house, fully comprehensive service, “Alpha XP”, utilises all of our state-of-the-art machinery. Our machining capabilities include Laser Cutting, CNC Folding, Punch, Turning, MIG and TIG Welding as well as Powder Coating to produce one-off metal prototypes in sheet metal, stainless steel or non-ferrous metal. Able to complete a prototype in a quick timeframe, you’ll get an idea of Alpha Manufacturing’s capabilities and the project scope.

Sheet Metal Prototyping Services

We understand the urgency often required for prototype sign off. With all production facilities available to us on one site, we can offer unrivalled turnaround on one-off prototypes. Challenge Alpha Manufacturing to produce your one-off metal prototype and see just how quickly we can have your design in front of you.

Rapid Prototyping Process

Alpha’s rapid prototyping process takes into account traditional manufacturing methods, yet our up-to-date technology enables us to take your idea and produce a high-quality, cost-effective and functional prototype suitable for volume manufacturing to the highest standards. We cater for a range of manufacturing processes and support you from the early stages of product conception right through to getting your products to the market.

Make an enquiry, upload a technical drawing

We work with businesses in a wide variety of sectors with capabilities to offer short and long runs of metal products.