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We have worked with leading UK agricultural machinery manufacturers to produce a variety of products including body kits and fenders, tread plates, military spec brackets and various engine components. Read more


Alpha Manufacturing produces a vast selection of automotive components used by our sister company – Bri-Stor systems in their commercial van conversions. In addition to this, we have supplied many automotive manufacturers across the UK with products such as throttle components, brackets, radiator cowls and tow bar steps. Read more


We have supplied leading security component manufacturers with fire alarm boxes of various specifications used in a range of applications from consumer homes, commercial and industrial to aerospace and defence. Read more  


Alpha manufacture various components used in commercial & industrial electronic assemblies such as lighting systems and refrigeration systems used in retail environments. We also produce various power generation components such as load banks and a selection of solar energy products. Read more

Off Road

We currently manufacture a series of components used extensively in the manufacture of off-road vehicles such as cherry pickers. These include battery housings, dump boxes, brackets and covers. Read more

Street Furniture

We manufacture a wide variety of products for street furniture suppliers, particularly waste products such as litter bins, cigarette bins and dog waste receptacles. Read more

Petro Chemical

Working with leading manufacturers of refinery and petrochemical products we supply components which are used in the installation of Fractionator Columns, Vacuum and Crude units. Read more.


We supply leading horticultural machinery manufacturers with various components such as those used wood chipping assemblies. Read more


We manufacture a selection of components for healthcare suppliers, particularly those used in the manufacture of rise and fall beds and chairs. Read more.

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