Oxide edge is a term used to describe the forming of Carbon oxide along the edges of parts usually as a result of laser cutting as gas is introduced during the thermal metal cutting process.

The process creates a carbon oxide scale which appears as a shiny blue/silver finish on and around the cut areas. This scale, which is loosely bonded to the part, prevents any proper future paint or powder coating adhesion. If this oxide scale is not properly removed, any paint finish applied will chip or flake off easily.

Laser oxide scale must be properly removed prior to painting parts in order to produce a quality finished part.

Alpha Manufacturing’s Laser Oxide Removal Machine

At Alpha, we use an automated Lissmac SBM M 1000 which allows us to offer highly-effective, two-sided removal of oxide layers on lasered sheets using only one work process. Double sided processing combined with simultaneous brushing of interior and exterior contours means up to 60% time saving compared to one sided machines.

Oxide Edge Removal Capabilities:

Working width max:

1000 / 1500 mm

Workable material thickness:

1.0 -20 mm

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