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CNC Folding

Alpha Manufacturing is able to offer a variety of different metal folding solutions, which allows us to select the most suitable and efficient method to meet individual needs of each customer. 

Our commitment to continual investment means that we now have the following folding facilities at our disposal:

Robot Metal Folding

Trumpf Trubend Cell 7000

Trumpf Trubend Cell 7000 Fold

Fully automated robotic bending cell including automatic part picking and finished part scanning. The TruBend Cell is ideal for high volume, smaller part production and can produce parts at a rapid pace with ultimate accuracy. 

Offline programming and lights out operation allow for a cost effective folding solution. 


Amada Astro 100NT Robot Folder

The state of the art Astro 100NT is a totally automatic unmanned robotic bending system featuring an integrated 110-ton hydraulic press brake.

Designed for high-precision part productivity through reduced cycle times, the Astro 100NT offers superior productivity with reduced labour by utilising the entire length of ram allowing flexible multiple stage bending.

In addition, offline programming dramatically reducing set-up times, allowing for cost-effective small batch runs.

Robot Fold - cnc folding - Alpha Manufacturing

Robot Folding Capabilities at Alpha Manufacturing

Component length:

Up to 3 metres

Component weight:

Up to 18 kgs

     Automated Panel Folding -  Amada TBZ Panel Folder

Alpha Manufacturing’s Amada TBZ Panel Folding machines offer optimised machine cycle times through automated tool selection and simultaneous component load and unload.

Parts are programmed offline allowing the machine to run components whilst the next is programmed ready for production.


Automated Folding Line Capabilities at Alpha Manufacturing

Sheet Size:

Up to 2500mm x 1250mm

Sheet thickness:

Up to 2.3mm thick

Standard Manned Sheet Metal Folding Machines

Alpha Manufacturing utilises 6 conventional Amada folding machines, these machines are utilised for folding products that are unsuitable for the automated folding stations.

Man Fold - Alpha Manufacturing

Manned Folding Capabilities at Alpha Manufacturing

Component length:

Up to 4100mm

Machine tonnage:

Up to 220 tonnes

Material Types:

Mild steel

Coated steels

Stainless steel




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