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Automated Powder Coating Line

Powder Coating

Alpha Manufacturing's dedicated in-house powder coating plant ensures tight control on both efficiency and delivery and guarantees that quality remains our highest priority.

Our plant is fully automated and employs industry leading pre-treatment process OXSILAN®.


Our Powder Coating Process

OXSILAN® is a new metal pre-treatment technology that is free from hazardous chemicals and provides superior corrosion resistance for a wide range of metal substrates.

OXSILAN® replaces traditional iron and zinc phosphate products. The products provide a superior ecological profile. OXSILAN® is suitable for metal surface treatment, e.g. cold rolled steel, aluminium, zinc coated steels, as well as multi-metal applications.

Sheet Metal Powder Coating

Powder Coating Capabilities at Alpha Manufacturing

Component Length: Up to 5 metres

Maximum Hanging height: 1650mm

Maximum Width 800mm

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