Burgers all Round at the Annual Bri-Stor Group BBQ

It’s that time of year again where company Directors from across the Bri-Stor Group don their aprons and get behind the grill to flip burgers for every company employee.

The event, which takes place over three days, was conceived by Bri-Stor Group directors four years ago as a way of saying “thank you” and giving a little something back to employees for all their hard work throughout the year.

It has proved to be a great success and is now one of the most anticipated work days of the year across the group. Over 200 people will be fed during the course of the three days with Alpha Manufacturing, Bri-Stor Systems and Atlas Coatings employees each having their own BBQ day.

Apprentices Take 1st Place in the Stone Soapbox Derby

Congratulations to the Bri-Stor Group first year apprentices on finishing 1st in the junior category of the recent Stone festival Soapbox Derby.

For the third consecutive year, apprentices from both Alpha Manufacturing and Bri-Stor Systems competed in the local event, having designed and built their own racers. Two teams competed in the race but for the first time, teams were mixed from the two sister companies.

On a rainy day in nearby Stone town centre, a timber pirate ship and Only Fools and Horses inspired Robin Reliant lined up at the start line. Although both finished the course in good times, it was the bright yellow Trotters Trading racer that took first place with the fastest downhill time and even managed to catch some serious air over the ramp obstacle.

Bri-Stor Group Apprentices

The Stone Festival and Soapbox Derby have become an important part of our apprenticeship first year program, with the young engineers working in teams to design, build and test their racers. With the entire Alpha and Bri-Stor manufacturing facilities at their disposal, they’re able to test their engineering skills and gain a solid understanding of various manufacturing processes.

Congratulations to both teams on their Soapbox racers and thanks to all involved in organising the Stone Festival.