Making the decision to apply for an apprenticeship with Alpha, has to be the best career move I could have possibly made.

Going into the Apprenticeship Scheme with just the basic idea that would be able to gain experience alongside gaining qualifications sounded like an ideal choice.  But little did I know there is SO much more to it than simply learning on the job, there’s a whole new world with a thousand levels to unlock and I’ve only just opened the first door.

Let me take you back to the start of my journey.  I had never been in an engineering environment before, I was unsure if I would fit in or if I would be good at it but I’ve had many mentors along the way who have guided me and made me realise that it doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to do something as long as you put enough effort in to learn, there are no limits to what you can achieve. I always wanted to be at the top of everything I took part in, but the path wasn’t always clear on how to get there and I always questioned if I could make it to where I want to be, but now as I’m learning and becoming more confident in my abilities through guidance from my peers at Alpha Manufacturing, I can see that it’s actually possible to make it to the top and I now have much bigger career aspirations – I’m certain I can achieve them.

I’ve witnessed first hand the greater opportunities that Alpha give to those who are willing to put in the effort. I’ve been given the opportunity to progress into the commercial world whilst applying the technical knowledge I have gathered from my initial two years of experience at college and working as part of a team on the shop floor. Each and every one of us is more than capable, but sometimes the challenge is finding a way to unlock that potential. Being fortunate enough to work with a close knitted team at Alpha, I can express my feelings freely and I’m not afraid to ask questions or say the wrong thing as I know that I won’t be knocked down, I will be educated and pushed into the right direction so that I can continue to learn and bank more knowledge.

Ultimately, Alpha Manufacturing does Apprenticeships, and they do them incredibly well. For the past three years I’ve seen each new wave of Apprentices arrive, settle in and set off on their own personal career path. Now, Alpha has launched a Higher Apprenticeship Scheme for those who are already able to take the next step and I’m very excited to meet and work alongside the future engineers of Alpha Manufacturing.

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