Design Engineer Gemma Smith explains a recent engineering solution that Alpha implemented for a customer within the food processing sector.

This Stainless-Steel chute forms part of a hopper assembly used for separating foods and has a Hex-embossed finish.

This part is one of many Hex embossed Stainless Steel parts that Alpha manufacture for this customer in high volumes. Originally, Alpha procured the stainless-steel material pre-embossed which had cost and lead time implications.

A solution was required which would allow Alpha to produce the Hex Embossed finish in house, in turn reducing raw material costs and shortening manufacturing times. Working in partnership with one of Alpha’s long-standing tooling partners, a new CNC Punch tool was designed and produced to apply the Hex Emboss finish to raw Stainless-Steel sheet metal.

This solution allowed Alpha to keep the entire manufacturing process in house, giving greater control over lead times and offering the customer a more cost-effective solution.