Every single day here at Alpha Manufacturing, innovative engineering solutions to different problems are being developed.

We thrive on engineering challenges and whether it’s value engineering a product for mass production, reducing manufacturing waste and increasing efficiency, or simply improving the aesthetics of a finished product, there are thousands of examples of Alpha’s manufacturing solutions. So, we though we’d share some of these.

Here you will find some of the most innovative and interesting ideas that we have come up, explained by the Engineers who came up with them.

How It’s Made

Stainless Steel Hex Embossing Solution - Gemma Smith

Previously Alpha procured pre-Hex embossed sheet metal for these food processing troughs. A new, more cost effective solution was required.

How It’s Made

Commercial Vehicle Rear Tread Plate Solution- Darran Cassar

Originally this tread plate step was profiled and punched in two separate processes which sometimes led reject parts due to machine alignment issues

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