Customer satisfaction in Manufacturing predominantly hinges on a few key factors which can quite clearly distinguish an excellent manufacturer from an adequate one. These metrics are quality, delivery and value and generally, delivering on these will build high levels of customer satisfaction. Crucial to achieving this are the multiple teams which work in tandem to meet customer expectations.

Communication is vital where numerous production teams need to work in unison to ensure that overall production deadlines are met. At Alpha Manufacturing, all departments are in constant communication through daily production meetings, team briefings and management meetings, the left hand always knows what the right hand is doing. Where issues arise, flexibility and adaptability from the various teams are needed to keep a project on track.

A perfect example of this was a recent project for a new customer who required an extremely fast turnaround on a new design of COVID-19 protection screens. The enquiry arrived late on a Friday and the sales team were quick to react, quoting the project while the engineering and NPI teams simultaneously worked on the product design. Working over the weekend, the Engineering department met with the customer to sign off the design and the various production teams then began processing the parts. The first despatch of the brand-new design of the product left Alpha Manufacturing early the next week. In this example, all teams worked quickly and closely, communicating throughout to ensure that the customers’ expectations were met. Needless to say, the customer was very satisfied and has since placed much more work.

The saying “a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link” certainly applies in manufacturing where each team depends on the strength of the next and the overall success of production is contingent on everybody’s contribution. Thankfully, here at Alpha we have strong teams in all areas as well as a collective drive for success which ultimately leads to high customer satisfaction.


Gemma Smith recently completed her Manufacturing & Production Engineering Degree at Derby University after 5 years as a Higher Apprentice with Alpha Manufacturing. She is now a key member of the Design Team, working as a Production Engineer responsible primarily for design work for Alpha Manufacturing’s stainless-steel department.

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