Peter Ricketts is defined by his ambition and is completely passionate about his role at Alpha Manufacturing as a Quality Inspector – a role that he takes incredibly seriously.  Joining the business in 2013, Peter has his ambitions firmly set on an exciting and dynamic future, as he explains: “I started out my career working for Amazon, it was by no means a bad job, but there was next to no career progression opportunities so I always kept my eye out for other careers.”

Spotting a six-month temporary contract at Alpha Manufacturing, Peter was quick to jump on it and applied for the post, as he explains: “at that time Paul Clews was the Production Manager and I think he spotted how ambitious and driven I was so he offered me the post.  For six months I absolutely grafted, working every shift I could to show the team my real capability.  It paid dividends though and as the contract came to an end, Neal Lafford called me into the office and offered me a permanent position – I was absolutely over the moon.”


Just a few months into his permanent role, Peter’s rigid attention to detail and extreme professionalism didn’t go unnoticed and he moved into the quality team. As he continues: “No matter what area I’m working in I give it my all, equally this commitment is matched by Alpha’s commitment to me.  At every opportunity I’ve been given the chance to move up to the next level.  I did have a brief period working for another business and after two weeks I was back on the phone to Neal Lafford asking for my job back.  I think I was a bit naïve, I needed to see if the grass is greener on the other side and as I discovered, it isn’t!  I hadn’t fully appreciated the world-class standards we’re working to in Alpha and I needed to see this for myself.  In previous jobs I’ve always felt like a number, not a person, and at Alpha I feel like a trusted and important part of the team, you can’t put money on that feeling.”


Peter is keen to impress on others considering a career at Alpha Manufacturing just how important company-culture is in creating a happy, motivated workforce: “we’re a big business today, but we all know that our contribution is invaluable.  There’s no question the last year has been tough, but we’ve got through it stronger together.  Every day is an opportunity to learn more and do more and my ambition at Alpha has never been tainted.”

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