What is sheet metal insertion?

Insertion is the process of pressing a stud, fastener or other component into sheet metal through a pre-cut hole. A vast range of different insert types are available depending on the use of the final product.

These may be captive male or female threads for future assembly, rivet nuts or tap tight nuts depending on the requirements of the finished product.

The insert is often designed with flanges to clinch to the sheet metal surrounding the pre-formed hole when pressed in position.

Example of a clinch stud inserted box:

What machinery is used for sheet metal insertion?

A specialised hydraulic press machine is used to push in various inserts such as:

  • Floating Nuts
  • High Torque Studs
  • Self-Clinching Nuts
  • Self-Clinching Studs

At Alpha Manufacturing, we use a Haeger insertion machine which uses a hydraulic system with adjustable force. It also features an automatic feeding system to reduce labour and improve efficiency.

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