Female Alpha Welder Blazing the Way Following Award

Alpha’s only current female welder has received widespread praise and recognition recently for her drive and determination to be successful in a predominately male orientated field.

Chloe Sales joined Alpha Manufacturing during 2019 after sending in an application back in August, which immediately caught the eye of production management.

“Being a female doesn’t stop me doing a ‘man’s job’” Chloe wrote in her impressive application. Days later, she had met with management and had accepted an offer of employment as a welder. Prior to applying for the job with Alpha, Chloe had trained as a welding apprentice at Stoke-on-Trent College, where again, she’d been the first female to do so.

Having passed the course with flying colours – three distinctions, two merits and a pass, Chloe was named STEM Apprentice of the Year 2019 by Stoke-on-Trent College. Her achievement was noticed by local press who were impressed by her “can do” attitude and positive outlook. Since the award, Chloe has featured in various articles in local press, with more still to be published.

Having been with Alpha for the past three months, Chloe is enjoying her role and is as determined as ever to be a success, proving those who doubted the career choice wrong. She told local Newspaper, The Sentinel:

“No-one thinks of welding as being a woman’s job. It is seen as noisy, harsh and dangerous, and I think people were worried that I’d find it too exhausting – both physically and mentally, being a woman in a male-dominated environment.”

“I love my job because it’s different. I like doing my own thing and being in my own lane. I enjoy the variety of work and the feeling of satisfaction that I get when I’ve finished a job. It’s well paid too. I don’t have a problem with being a woman in a man’s environment. I feel like I’ve found the right career and I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds.”

Not content with just making a success of her own career in a traditionally male-dominated industry, Chloe is also proactively encouraging other females to consider taking a similar step. In her free time, she visits schools to give talks to girls about STEM careers.

“Everybody told me not to do it. That’s why I go out to schools and tell other girls not to listen to their friends or people who want to put them off. They can do it. I did. And I love it.

“I never had anyone to look up to in a careers way, so I’d love to be able to help at least one person, to inspire someone not to give up and to follow their passion.”

The recognition that Chloe has received recently is no more than she deserves and she hopes to continue to work hard at Alpha whilst spreading the positive message to other females in a similar position through her school visits.