Environmental Policy Statement

The scope of this Environmental Policy for the Bri-Stor Group includes: Bri-Stor Systems, Alpha Manufacturing and Atlas

Coating. The scope applies to all manufactured products & services to which the business provides.

The Environment and Ecosystems are important to us and as such we encourage and promote a proactive approach to
minimising the impact that our operations may have upon them.

Our Environmental Policy sets out a framework of how we will endeavour to continually improve our operations and
management systems to prevent pollution, reduce our carbon footprint and minimise as far as is reasonably practicable any
impact upon the environment.

This is a commitment to at least comply with applicable legal requirements and with any other
requirement to which the organisation subscribes that relate to the protection of the environment.

The Bri-Stor Group Directors and Managers will, as far as is reasonably practicable;

  • Establish and implement systems and facilities to enable the business to adhere to its environmental management system.
  • Reduce any identified external & internal issues and satisfy the needs of all interested parties.
  • Influence our authority & ability to exercise control.
  • Take steps to prevent pollution to air, land or water.
  • Manage aspects arising from our work activities.
  • Lead by example in promoting environmental sustainability.
  • Engage and consult with employees on matters relating to the environment.
  • Ensure that employees have received appropriate environmental information, instruction and training.
  • Provide a framework to set realistic objectives and targets which will be periodical reviewed.
  • Maintain company environmental policies, procedures and documents
  • Periodically review the management system to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate to the organisation.
  • Make the environmental policy available to all interested parties

All workers within the Bri-Stor Group will take responsibility for environmental requirements within their areas by:

  • Segregating recyclable materials at source.
  • Reporting any concerns that may have an impact upon the environment.
  • Adhering to the Environmental Management System

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