10th September 2020 News

Fresh from her trip to Sheffield where she was invited to talk a group of young girls by welding equipment supplier Lincoln Electric UK, Chloe Sales sat down to discuss the topic of Women in Engineering.

Welder-fabricator Chloe won Stoke on Trent College Apprentice of the Year in 2019 and has since been subject to widespread media attention, giving interviews to local and national newspapers, appearing on BBC Radio and attending STEM careers events such as the one held by Lincoln Electric recently.

Chloe is a passionate advocate for more women taking the Engineering career path and uses her own journey and experiences to demonstrate what girls can achieve in a traditionally male dominated industry. She is driven by a desire to break the traditional gender stereotypes, particularly in her work life. “I want to show that I can do everything a man can do… and more” Chloe has often stated.

Outside of work, she takes this one step further, by actively encouraging other like-minded young girls to take the leap into Engineering careers themselves. She offers insight, support and advice through educational and careers events and by regularly communicating her message through social media.

In this short interview Chloe discusses life since joining Alpha, the topic of Women in Engineering in general and how she hopes to make a positive impact on the subject.