Sheet metal has been used throughout history for a great number of reasons, even more frequently in the modern world for new and demanding applications. Made from metals such as stainless steel, mild steel or aluminium, it is formed through an industrial process into thin sheets, which can be cut or bent into the shape required for its desired function.

In the past, sheet metal has historically been used in applications such as architecture and plate armour, with fabrication methods advancing over the centuries of its use. Given its malleability, the potential uses for sheet metal today cover a broad range of industries and sectors, including:


For the agriculture and farming industry, it’s necessary that modern machinery and other tools can withstand heat and wear in all weather conditions. Whether used in or outdoors, high-quality metal is a must for these parts to be durable, remain efficient, and do the job right – as such, it’s critical to use quality sheet metal from a reliable source.

Alpha Manufacturing aids the agriculture industry with the design, manufacture and supply of body kits and fenders, tread plates, military spec brackets, agricultural fan cowls and various engine components made from sheet metal that’s built to last.


Sheet metal is used predominantly in the automotive sector, in the manufacture or repair of vehicles in any size. Steel is most commonly used due to its affordability and the ease that it can be pressed into the required shape. The requirement for a safe and reliable product means that the standards in this industry are strict and must be adhered to. It is therefore vital that all products in this sector are subject to rigorous quality checks to ensure that they are fit for purpose, to create road-ready vehicles every time.

We supply various high-quality components for automotive applications to our sister company, Bri-Stor Systems. This includes tread plates and steps, hoods & fenders, hardtop conversion kits, brackets, components and chassis, and radiator cowls.


Within the electrical sector, there is a broad range of products that use sheet metal in its manufacture. These range from retail solutions such as kiosks and gaming systems, lighting solutions, power generation such as those for solar energy systems and power testing products, and air conditioning.

For this extensive sector, sheet metal is commonly used in homes, outlets and factories for commercial and retail use around the world. Our solution sees these widely-used products through design and engineering, manufacture, assembly, integration, testing and delivery for a fully monitored and tailored service from start to finish.


Within the healthcare and medical sector, sheet metal plays an important role in the equipment used to treat patients. Stainless steel is an ideal metal for this application due to its strength and resistance to corrosion, as well as its rust-proof qualities – ideal for a strictly hygienic environment.

Another industry for which standards are imperative, these products are made and tested for optimum robustness, suitability and functionality according to legislative requirements. These metals are used in the manufacture of frames for various kinds of furniture, including reclining beds and chairs, ward furniture, reception seating and other utility structures such as dining. Additionally, they are used as components in x-ray and scanning equipment frequently used in hospitals, care homes and surgeries.

We provide a fabrication service for the requirements of any task to aid the healthcare sector, from design all the way through to manufacture. For every step of the process, quality, durability and efficiency are kept at heart.

There are countless other industries across the globe that rely on the attributes and functionality of sheet metal. For more information on the sectors we serve, visit our sectors page, or contact us if you have any questions.

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