Significantly, precision sheet metal fabrication describes any type of metal that be stretched out and manipulated into a metal sheet and then assembled into a product.

But What are the Processes Involved in Accurate Metal Sheet Manufacturing at a Sub-Contract Sheet Metal Fabricator?

The Design Process

First, the client will work closely with the contractor’s design team and will outline the sheet metal project in detail. Together, they will discuss the specification and desired quality of the product.

The Developmental Stage

The sheet metal products are developed in a 3D environment where the client can see their designs coming to life – this stage of the project is exciting as the client is able to view the designs as a digitised, provisional perception of the final product.

The Prototype

Next, using the 3D designs in the developmental stage, a one-off prototype is created using stainless steel, sheet metal or non-ferrous metal. This is important because it is the first time the client’s thoughts become a tangible reality.

What Methods are Used to Create the Prototype and the Final Sheet Metal Product?

  • ✓ Laser Cutting
  • ✓ CNC Folding
  • ✓ Punching
  • ✓ Turning
  • ✓ MIG and TIG Welding
  • ✓ Powder Coating

A Top Tip When Deciding Which Metal Fabricator to Use:

Sheet metal fabrication works alongside the technology industry – an ever-expanding vortex of knowledge. Any good metal fabricating company will keep up with the latest trends and the best will be willing to continually invest in new technology to ensure that they are innovating and subsequently the best in their field. After all, it is the equipment that defines the product quality and finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if you already have a sheet metal design and just want it developing?

Not a problem. The developmental technology is so advanced that it can take 3D model designs from many formats and if needs be, make minor redesign changes in order to create a seamless synergy between the design and development phase.

This seems like a long process. How can I get a prototype quickly? I need to get it signed off soon.

It is important that your chosen sheet metal manufacturer is available to complete all of these processes on site. If they are having to out-source any of the phases the process will inevitably take longer. Luckily, at Alpha Manufacturing our integrated service allows us to manage your project from start to finish with an unparalleled turn-around. This ensures we turn your designs into reality quickly.

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