Tig Welding - Scott - standing outside of workshop

How long have you worked in Tig Welding at Alpha Manufacturing?

I have worked at Alpha Manufacturing for around 15 months now. 

Have you always worked in Tig Welding?

Pretty much, yes! I have been Tig Welding for over 14 years. 

What did you want to be when you were younger?

I actually wanted to be an archaeologist; I have always been fascinated by it and the elements associated with Egyptian pyramids. 

What are your daily responsibilities?

Mainly reporting where the team is at in the fabrication shop to management, producing high-quality work and checking it’s all fit for purpose before it leaves the shop. We are responsible for our quality checks, so this is one of my main focuses. 

Also, when a new staff member or another pair of hands comes in to help, I train them and ensure they are confident with the task in what they’re doing. 

Any other career experiences?

When I left school, I was an engineer’s shop labourer. I did a bit of mechanical engineering, and eventually, I was working with a guy who had been in the welding fabrication trade all his life, where I did a 6-year apprenticeship. 

Is quality important in your job role?

Yes, it’s so important. Currently, we are focusing on HEX Living furniture, and I take great pride in ensuring every piece is perfect. I always take a step back from anything I have welded and think, ‘Would I be happy to receive this as a paying customer’; that should be at the front of everyone’s minds when they are building something. 

What is the most exciting project you’ve worked on?

I’ve been fortunate to have previously worked on Ministry Of Defence and aerospace projects. I have made machines for various cleaning products – including ultrasonic sterilising units for satellite lens cleaning. 

Is there any progress in your job?

Yes, there’s definitely the opportunity to progress, whether it be skill-wise or professionally. I am currently changing from lead Tig Welder to team leader, which I am thrilled with. I love the responsibility and can manage a team of people quite well. 

Is there anything you’re proud of working on?

In the past, I have worked on sensory booths for children with ADHD, autism and other problems, which I am pretty proud of. To think something I took part in creating has helped a young child be more familiar with their senses is a good feeling to have. 

Any advice for anyone wanting to be a Tig welder?

Remember your ABCs. Always be comfortable. And also hand agility ability, you need to move your hand and wrist in certain movements hundreds of times some days depending on work orders, so muscle memory is quite important and takes some getting used to. 

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