5th October 2020 News

CNC Routing

Alphas recent investment in a Trident 6010 CNC router will support existing production of commercial vehicle floors and open up new design possibilities.

Alpha currently produce between five and six thousand tread-patterned plywood floors per year for sister company Bri-Stor Systems, which are installed in a range of commercial vehicle conversions for various UK fleets. Bri-Stor’s continued growth means increased demand for floors as well as more complex specifications.  The new router offers the perfect solution to help meet this demand and open up more design options, whilst also keeping Alpha one step ahead through more flexible processes.

Currently, all floors are produced using a Bystronic 3015 laser cutting machine which is limited to flat 2D profiles. However, thanks to its 3D machining capabilities, the new router will enable Alpha to cut multiple 3D profile features such as rebates, undercuts, counter sinks and bevels in a single process. This allows for more complex designs to be achieved, with fine machine-tolerance accuracy.

Up-to four times faster than the laser cutting process, the router will massively increase capacity and production rate, whilst also being a more environmentally friendly process. In addition to wooden floors, the Trident will also allow Alpha to profile and machine other materials such as Corex or foam when required thanks to its multiple tangential knife option.

In comparison to many of Alpha ‘s recent investments, such as the Salvagnini P4 lean panel bender or the incredible STOPA automated storage system, the installation of the Trident router may seem minor. However, the benefits it will bring to Alpha and in turn, Bri-Stor Systems are no less significant. Installation is due to completed over the next week, when floor production will begin to be split between the Bystronic laser and Trident router.