9th January 2019 General News

Alpha’s 2019 began with an annual paint out as part of a continual improvement program centred around Kaizen principles of organisation, standardisation and cleanliness.

As part of the process, all working, pedestrian and storage spaces are redefined and clearly marked with designated colours. The entire factory shop floor is re painted with hard wearing industrial paints – around a 65,000 square feet area in total. The process is an important factor in maintaining standards both in terms of lean manufacturing practices and health & safety.

In addition to the paint out, work has begun on improving factory lighting through cleaning of skylights throughout the entire factory. A major undertaking, the project will be ongoing over the coming months, resulting in a much better working environment for shop floor operatives.

As in previous years, 2019 will see some major developments to the Alpha factory as work continues towards the 20/20 vision outlined back in 2015. Building work has begun on a brand-new stainless-steel processing cell, while preparations are ongoing for the installation of a Salvagnini P4 Lean panel folder, announced by the company late in 2017.