5th January 2021 News

Alpha Manufacturing will continue to operate throughout the UK lockdown recently imposed by the government, servicing the regular customer base whilst also producing vital COVID-19 prevention products.

Thanks to robust protection measures implemented during the first lockdown and further tightened during the subsequent months, Alpha and sister company Bri-Stor Systems are able to safely offer an uninterrupted service to existing and new customers. Where possible, employees are operating from home while those still on site are safely distanced and working to strict COVID-19 guidelines.

During the first UK lockdown, Alpha initially reduced its manufacturing operations to a skeleton staff to ensure that supply of parts to healthcare customers and those associated with the NHS remained unaffected. As the situation developed, a spike in demand for various COVID-19 prevention products such as partition screens and sanitisation stations meant that operations were upscaled with new, effective safety guidelines implemented across the business.

Thanks to these measures, combined with high levels of factory automation due to continued investment, Alpha are now able to quickly adapt to sudden changes in national restrictions with no loss of service level. The sales team are available to discuss any new customer requirements, with design and engineering teams also on hand to offer advice and support.