10th October 2017 News

Alpha today opened the doors of its manufacturing facility to designers and engineers from around the UK and welcomed them to the annual technology day.

The day kicked off with a brief overview of Alpha’s on-going strategic development of its manufacturing facilities, explaining the Industry 4.0 “Smart Factory” vision and how embracing modern manufacturing technologies will help to achieve this.

Following on from Alpha’s introduction, visitors were given technical presentations from expert representatives of Trumpf, Mazak and Wilson Tools; all market leaders in sheet metal manufacturing machinery and technology. The presentations were designed to give visitors insight into best practice from a design aspect, with the goal of improving design for manufacture in their future products.

Alpha Manufacturing Factory

Visitors were then given the opportunity to see many of the advanced technologies presented by Trumpf, Mazak and Wilson in action during a factory tour. This provided a chance to watch machine demonstrations of some of Alpha’s latest installations such as the STOPA, TruPunch 5000 s12 and the TruBend Cell 7000 as well as to ask any technical design questions.

The day ended with an hour of networking over coffee and lunch whilst any final questions were answered by the technical representatives.

A busy day at the Alpha Facilities and hopefully one in which everybody was able to take away some insight into sheet metal manufacture and best practice.