13th May 2020 News

Alpha Manufacturing are able to offer manufacturing support to any UK company who may be struggling with supply chain issues bought about by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Alpha have maintained a level of manufacturing capability during the recent UK lockdown and following the latest update from the government regarding loosening of the restrictions, are now beginning to ramp-up capacity again.

This means that we are once again on-hand to supply precision sheet metal fabrication services to new and existing customers and particularly those who have seen disruption to their usual supply chains from outside of the UK.

Over the past weeks and months, Alpha have worked tirelessly to plan and implement a host of safeguarding measures, in-line with the evolving government guidelines, to ensure the safety of all employees, suppliers and customers. These include:

  • Restricted travel across the business.
  • Restricted access to the premises to only essential workers.
  • Introduced updated SOP’s and practices across the business.
  • Implemented a range of social distancing measures including one-way systems, queuing systems and safe working distance guidelines.
  • Introduced a number of new hygiene and sanitisation stations across the business.
  • Employed new decontamination machinery and processes.

Alpha’s number one priority is the safety of all it’s employees, suppliers and customers and these measures have now enabled us to safely begin to increase our capacity and once again offer our usual high level of service.

If your business is struggling to source reliable manufacturing supply through your usual channels and have short to medium term demand, Alpha are available to support until your normal supply can resume.

Please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements and how Alpha can help your business through these challenging times.