Peter Smedley Joining Alpha Manufacturing in 2022, Peter Smedley has a proven track record in manufacturing having achieved significant career milestones working for a well-respected industrial engineering business in Stoke-on-Trent.  With 15 years’ experience, Peter is well adjusted to the world-class environment of Alpha Manufacturing and with vast experience managing large teams and complex production processes, he is the perfect fit for the role of Business Improvement Manager.


Peter explains more about his career and what his focus will be in the coming months: “For me, the emphasis of any production process should start and end with the team.  Over the last few years, I have gained a great deal of practical experience managing large teams but I’ve also backed this up with achieving formal qualifications to really consolidate my skills.  Prior to joining Alpha Manufacturing and working with Neal Lafford I was really keen to get a sense of the culture in the business and it’s everything you’d expect it to be.  People come first, and training and improvement is a real priority for the business.  That alone, speaks volumes about the business and as a consequence, every team member shares the same attitude towards delivering a world-class output.


“Sheet metal and specifically automation has been a big emphasis of my career in the last ten years and I have a lot of experience of developing and improving processes that involve a broad mix of equipment.  From robotics, to lasers to welding, folding and punching, the entire end-to-end process not only relies on the machine doing the job, but it relies heavily on the operative having a really good grasp of its capability.  That’s a real focus for me in this role, I want to ensure that every single operative fully understands how they can contribute to production efficiency by fully understanding the capability of the machine.


“One of the factors that really impressed me about Alpha Manufacturing is the continued investment in equipment and machinery.  Despite a global pandemic and the impact of Brexit, Alpha goes from strength-to-strength, recently announcing the launch of its Chemical Technologies factory in Stafford. But it’s not just about adding new ‘toys’ to the production process, every single investment is made as a consequence of the growing demand for Alpha’s leading-edge capability, creating the world-class business you see today.  It’s an incredible business where people are motivated to do a fantastic job and the culture of the business underpins success.  I’m incredibly excited about the future at Alpha – it’s a great place to be.”


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