Nick Moss When it comes to successfully running a production team, Nick knows how to get the job done. With an in-depth knowledge of production processes, how to efficiently operate a lean manufacturing environment while building a passionate team, Nick joined the Alpha team in 2021 as Senior Production Manager.

Bringing with him a wealth of experience, Nick has the skills to support Alpha as it expands it order book, it’s vast processes with new technology investments, and with the opening of two new sites, including the latest development in build, Alpha Manufacturing Chemical Technologies.


Nick talks about his career journey and his current role at Alpha: “At 15 I did my work experience in welding and it immediately ignited a spark in me. This interest in welding led me to my first job as an HGV technician, where I oversaw the building of wagons, and although this involved everything from fitting hydraulics to construction, it was the positional welding that I was most keen on.

“After this I began my role at JCB within the welding department, where I worked for 3 years before I was offered the opportunity to move into a Team Leader position and eventually progressed into the role of Group Leader, in charge of a team of 160 people. I had some fantastic experiences during this time, one of which was being given the opportunity to go to India for 12 weeks to help set up a production line in a new factory – an experience I will never forget.

“The hustle and bustle of the shop floor and managing a large team is something I enjoy most about my career to this day. Now, in my current role at Alpha, I have been on a huge learning curve. Getting to know the processes in their entirety – it’s given me a whole new perspective and a challenge I relish.

“Alpha is going from strength to strength before our eyes, and being part of that journey is incredibly rewarding. My hope is to keep growing the team, building on our success to create more jobs for local people and be able to offer more apprenticeship opportunities. “


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