Justin Kelly Joining Alpha Manufacturing in 2018 Justin Kelly has made a huge impact in a relatively short period of time.  Leaving behind a career in the engineering and motorsport industry, Justin has demonstrated incredible skills and aptitude, which today, makes him responsible for the successful delivery of the new Alpha Manufacturing Chemical Technologies division, a collaboration with INEOS Electrochemical Solutions.

Spending several months in Sweden in 2021 to understand the complexities of the processes being delivered at the new production plant at Beacon Park, Justin is no stranger to challenging environments, as he explains:


“At every point in my career I’ve embraced challenges and opportunities to progress and as soon as I joined Alpha Manufacturing, I could see the potential to grow even further.  I’ve really learnt this business from the ground up and seen Alpha Manufacturing from several perspectives – as an operative, a team leader and a manager – that’s invaluable in my role today.  Without question, leading the delivery of the new factory is not without its challenges.  It’s a question of moving several hundred parts at the same time, keeping close attention to the ultimate destination – the opening of a new state-of-the-art facility, manufacturing components for one of the world’s leading businesses.  Now that’s a rewarding outcome.”

Justin, who also holds an engineering-related PhD, sees the new factory as an opportunity to support and develop other young engineers, as he tells us: “Chemical Technologies is a fantastic environment to work in.  Of course, it’s all new and set out against leading manufacturing principles, but it’s also an environment where we can develop and nurture talent for the future.  My own career is incredibly rewarding, in part because I’ve sought opportunities to grow and develop but I’ve also had some fantastic mentors along the way.  I see the opening of the new facility as not only our opportunity to assert our position as a world-class manufacturer, but also our opportunity to demonstrate our capability as a world-class employer – a responsibility I take incredibly seriously.”

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