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CNC Turning

State of the art Machining Centres allows Alpha Manufacturing to produce the highest quality CNC turned parts for new and existing customers. In addition, Alpha are able to design and manufacture in-house tooling to enable quick turnaround on turned parts for all customer requirements.

Alpha Manufacturing's recent investment in the Mazak Nexus 250 MSY and the Quick Turn Smart 200M offers customers a new dimension of manufacturing solutions in turned parts.

CNC Turning service in Staffordshire - Alpha Manufacturing

Lathe machine - Mazak Nexus 250 MSY

This ultra-versatile machine offers Y-axis milling capabilities, with an 80mm diameter bar capacity on auto feed and up to 250mm when hand-fed. The lathe also has a secondary spindle enabling finishing on the side and back of parts.

Mazak Nexus 250 MSY Capabilities at Alpha Manufacturing

Chuck size main spindle: 250mm

Chuck size secondary spindle: 150mm

Maximum swing: 675 mm

Maximum machining diameter: 380 mm

Bar work capacity main spindle: 80 mm

Quick Turn Smart 200M

The Quick Turn Smart 200M offers 2 axis turning, packed with high-performance features including fast indexing tool turret with 12 tool locations, as well as powerful milling tools for face milling, end milling, and high-speed drilling. This machine enables the production of turned parts produced in-house.

In addition, it massively increases our capacity to produce both our own in-house tooling and tool manufacturing for new and existing customers. This addition expands Alpha Manufacturing's service portfolio as a supplier of total manufacturing solutions.

Quick Turn Smart 200M Capabilities at Alpha Manufacturing

Chuck size main spindle: 200mm

Maximum swing: 660 mm

Maximum machining diameter: 360 mm

Bar work capacity main spindle: 65 mm

Rotating speed maximum: 5,000 min-ยน

Motor output (30-minute rating): 18.5 kW

Number of tools: 12

If you would like to discuss your Turning requirements or CNC Turning parts with Alpha Manufacturing, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01889 270098.

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