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Sheet Metal Fabrication

What is sheet metal fabrication?

Sheet metal fabrication refers to the process where sheet metal is used to build metal machines, structures and products. It refers to the many different ways that metal can be manufactured to serve a vast amount of applications. It's often a complex process which involves:

  • Burning
  • Cutting
  • Folding
  • Turning

Sheet metal manufacturing processes

Design –

  • CAD software conceptualises the client's product. This sophisticated technology ensures that all designs are accurate and ready for the manufacturing process.

Alpha XP prototyping –

  • We create a prototype to ensure that your design requirements are met.

Laser punching combi -

  • Alpha's advanced punching machines produce punched details and works with materials such as mild steel, coated steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

Computer numerical controlled punching, turning, folding, turning and machining –

  • These machines offer unbeatable productivity and work efficiently and accurately alongside the specific design requirements.

Laser cutting -

  • At Alpha Manufacturing, we have two Bystronic lasers capable of cutting out mild steel sheets of sizes up to up to 25mm thick. Bystronic lasers work to extremely high levels of accuracy and precision. We also have a passionate and skilled workforce that work hard to ensure that all of our products are of superior quality.

Each of our lasers have sophisticated automatic loading tables and the maximum size of sheet metal that we produce is 4000 x 2000mm.

The sheets of metal we're able to fabricate at Alpha Manufacturing using our Bystronic lasers include:

Mild steel: Can be laser cut up to 25 mm thick
Stainless steel: Can be cut up to 20 mm thick
Aluminium: Can be laser cut up to 12 mm thick

That's not all we do. Alpha Manufacturing's Sheet metal fabrication involves many other processes including welding, oxide edge removal and powder coating.

Find out more about the sheet metal fabrication processes available at Alpha Manufacturing today.

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