The final installation of Alpha’s ambitious five-year investment plan, set out in 2015 has caught the attention of industry press who have featured the impressive STOPA system.

Back in 2015 a robust business development strategy was outlined to elevate Alpha’s overall service and grow the business. This strategy included an investment plan that would bring Alpha’s manufacturing facility to the cutting edge of sheet metal fabrication. The bold plan, which has now been completed, has caught the attention of the manufacturing press, with articles beginning to appear in many industry relevant publications.

Over the past five years, over £4 million has been invested in state-of-the-art machinery, including tee Trumpf Trulaser 3030 fibre laser machine, Trumpf TruPucnh 5000, Trumpf TruBend Cell 7000, Salvagnni P4 Lean Panel Bender and the excellent STOPA Automated Storage System.

The first installation of the STOPA was completed in 2017, allowing for early steps to be taken towards a vision of factory automation. The first few processing machines were integrated with the system, allowing raw material and part processed items to be loaded/ unloaded and stored automatically. It also dramatically reduced the amount of WIP (work in progress) stored around the shop floor on pallets, as well minimising manual movement of this WIP.

In 2020, a second installation which marked the final stage of the 2015 investment plan, saw the STOPA system extended and further integrated into processing machines. The STOPA now runs 62 metres down the centre of the Alpha factory and is capable of storing over 600 tonnes of material and parts in 207 pallet spaces. It has removed all WIP from the shopfloor completely and now allows operators to access any part or raw material in storage and have it delivered to them at the touch of a button. It’s integration into Alpha’s ERP system means it is also capable of monitoring and managing stock levels automatically.

Many industry publications have now picked up on the success of Alpha’s recent investments and published articles focusing on the machinery and Alpha’s partnerships with suppliers Trumpf and STOPA. You can find links to these articles below. Having achieved the goals set out in 2015, Alpha are keen not to rest on their laurels and a new five-year plan is currently being devised which will see the business develop still further, building on the successes of the last.  

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