Sean McColl is Alpha Manufacturing.   By his own admission he lives, breathes and sleeps Alpha!  His drive, energy and unwavering commitment to excellence, working alongside equally talented production colleagues is what sets us apart.  Read more about Sean’s early years and why he is focused on a stellar career at Alpha.

“At 14 my family moved to Mallorca.  It was pretty challenging going to a Spanish school and although there were some incredible, life affirming highlights, it was tough as I approached my GCSEs so I came back to the UK to complete my education.  Like most lads at that age I wasn’t sure what my career would look like, I really didn’t have the faintest idea what I wanted to get into long-term.  That said, I was quite drawn to the idea of being a TIG welder.  I was lucky enough to get a work placement on the yacht belonging to the President of the AC Milan Football Club and enjoyed a two-week stint as a ‘yachtie’, it was an incredible experience and one that will stay with me for the rest of my life.  In many way, it was here that I learnt about work-ethic, it was an exhilarating experience being around some of the world’s finest super yachts, it taught me a great deal about respecting the work environment and developing strong teams.”


Sean stayed in the UK after his GCSEs and began sixth form college, after 12 months he decided he wanted to develop a hands-on skill so began a MIG welding course at college and began working for two businesses, Sean picks up from here: “At this point I was given the opportunity to learn about press brakes and started running a laser and after a couple of years I dropped into a supervisory role – it was a great achievement at just 21.  However, I always wanted more. I wanted to progress into an office role so took up night classes for Auto Cad and then completed a HNC in mechanical engineering.  I then became a CAD/CAM Programmer for a couple of years before moving into scheduling, ultimately I became a Production Manager and after five years in that business, I made my best career move – joining Alpha Manufacturing.”


Alpha is without question a fast-paced environment.  The high levels of automation and manufacturing capability results in world-class production standards, something that Sean is immensely proud of, as he shares: “The Alpha culture is all about people making a positive difference but let me put that into context.  We invest heavily in machinery and automation to ensure we are at the leading edge of the sheet metal manufacturing world, but machinery and technology is only as good as the people behind it and as a business the entire team is empowered to make change happen.  This is ultimately what drives this business and sets us apart.


“Joining Bri-Stor Group I knew I had a tremendous opportunity to share my thoughts and ideas.  The business is heavily focused on progression from within and it’s great that when I have a crazy 3am thought about something we can do differently to improve a process, there’s always an audience to listen, perhaps not so much at 3am!  I was asked what single event at Alpha makes me the proudest and it’s hard to cite one thing.  Ultimately, it’s about achieving our targets and pushing the business forward every month, it’s hugely satisfying and I love being part of that journey.”


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