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About the Bri-Stor Group

Bri-Stor Group - Alpha Manufacturing

Alpha Manufacturing is part of the Bri-Stor Group of companies along with Bri-Stor Systems and Atlas Powder Coating. All three companies operate from the same 30 Acre site located in Hixon, Staffordshire.

Alpha Manufacturing

Alpha Manufacturing offers the complete precision sheet metal service including laser cutting, punch, fold, turning, machining and welding across a huge range of sectors including automotive, aerospace, gas and oil, security and much more. Alpha Manufacturing produces a large proportion of the fixtures and fittings used in Bri-Stor systems commercial vehicle conversions.


Bri-Stor Systems

Bri-Stor systems offer the complete commercial vehicle conversion service including design and full assembly of racking, storage, security and graphics. Bri-Stor systems service some of the largest and most recognisable commercial fleets in the U.K and their facilities incorporate assembly, fitting workshops, a vehicle commissioning centre and a holding compound for over 2000 vehicles.

Atlas Powder Coating

Atlas Powder Coating provide a range of high-quality finishes to various products and serves an in-house powder coating facility to both Alpha Manufacturing and Bri-Stor. Atlas Powder coating is able to offer over 1000 hours anti-corrosion resistance enabling a wide range of finishes.

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