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Laser Cutting

Alpha Manufacturing offers a versatile precision laser cutting service in various material types including; Mild Steel, Coated Steels, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Wood and Plastics.

Utilising 2 Bystronic lasers Alpha Manufacturing we are able to laser cut / laser profile mild steel sheet metal up to 25mm thick. The newest of which is BySprintFiber 4020 which uses fibre optic laser technology to offer unbeatable speed and accuracy. Fibre optic laser is the latest technology in laser cutting, with complete accuracy and ultra high-speed cutting (whilst also using fewer power resources than traditional lasers). 

Alpha Manufacturing's Laser Cutting Facilities

Our continued investment in the latest manufacturing technologies saw us recently add a new Bystronic BySprintFiber 4020 to our existing laser cutting facilities. This machine utilises fibre technology to allow faster cutting speeds with no loss of accuracy whilst also improving energy efficiency.   

It is also equipped with automated loading tables, ensuring that machine utilisation is maximised. Parts and scrap materials are removed from the laser cutter automatically.

Laser cutting service in Staffordshire - Alpha Manufacturing

The laser is an extremely versatile tool which can handle a wide variety of cutting tasks from ultra-precise cutting joints in paper-thin material to quality cuts in 30mm thick steel. A focused laser beam strikes the material with such heat that it melts or even vaporises - the beam can then penetrate the workpiece. The cutting process begins as the laser beam moves along the part, melting the material as it goes. Laser cutting is a highly accurate, fast process - parts do not suffer from heat distortion due in part to the speed the laser head is travelling.

CNC Laser Cutting Capabilities at Alpha Manufacturing

Maximum Sheet Size:

Up to 4000mm x 2000mm

Material Thickness:

Mild Steel Laser cutting: up to 25mm

Stainless Steel Laser cutting: up to 20mm

 Aluminium Laser cutting: up to 12mm

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