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Apprentice Caterham Build: Week 10

Caterham Pose

She lives! This week saw the moment the apprentice team have been waiting for, as they finally fired up the car. After a dry turnover trial and check on all fluids, the Caterham was dropped to the floor from its jacks and started for the very first time.

Once running, the team did a check of all electricals, lights, brakes and radiator fan before taking the car out of the workshop for the first time and around the Bri-Stor Group compound. This flagged up some minor issues such as tracking and a minor anti-freeze leak.

The team will now jack it back up and spend the rest of the day correcting these minor faults. Next week the car will undergo its IVA testing where the quality of the apprentices' work will be scrutinised before the car is declared road legal.

Caterham Banner

Apprentice Caterham Build: Week 9

Caterham Build Web Header

A dramatic transformation this week as the apprentices’ Caterham gets a shiny new wrap from our good friends at Hex Signs & Graphics. 

Caterham Web body

Having fitted some final body parts such as mud guards, arches and roll cage, the car was ready for its new look and with a little expert help, it now looks every bit the track day car.

The Apprentices are now in the final stages of the build with only minor electricals, fluids and some slight tweaks to make before the big moment they turn the engine over for the first time!

Caterham Web body 2


Apprentice Caterham Build: Week 8

This week was about finer details for the apprentice team as they tackled the intricate electrics; wiring in the lights, indicators and other electrical components.


After completed the electrical installations they spent the afternoon adjusting the handbrake, oiling the engine and bleeding the brakes.


Ian Buckley, Project Manager said "We're into the nitty gritty of the build now as all the major mechanical work is pretty much done. The lads are at the stage of tweaking and making the car road ready. I'd say they're only a few weeks from completion now and are beginning to get excited about finishing the project. "

Apprentice Caterham Build: Week 7

Week 7

A productive week this week as the young apprentice team focused on the rear of the car, fitting the differential, assembled and fitted the suspension, mounted the rear axle and fitted the handbrake.

Now about 2/3 of the way the way through the build, the team are beginning to talk about the final stages of the project; imagining firing up the engine discussing potential paint finishes.

Week 7 Banner

A week of finer details next week as the team work mostly on electrical wiring and smaller mechanical components.

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Apprentice Caterham Build: Week 6

A slower week for the build this week as a couple of the team were away. However, the remaining members ploughed on and still managed to assemble the cooling system, pre-assemble the steering and fit the airbox and induction system.


Next week, a full-strength team will work on the rear of the car, fitting brakes, prop shaft and rear suspension. They will also finish interior fittings such as gear lever, steering wheel and roll cage.


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